Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Midweek Update (Wednesday, May 5, 2021)

Workers removed a damaged steeple at St. Paul's Baptist Church on Tuesday:

Cargo plane into the clouds today. . .

It was a foggy morning on Tuesday:

More movement by ECS at the McGinness property on Monday and Tuesday:

James Cox flew his plane over the town on Monday:

Inspection on the Wrights Ferry Bridge today:

Canada Geese on the River Park boat ramp today:

Level Up's sign is up:

It appears to be the same one they used in Marietta:

The borough will hold a hearing on May 25 to consider approval of Level Up's liquor license.

Looks like the Manor Street School bell tower is being painted:

Ghost sign at Gorman Distributors (12th & Manor):

Formerly Colonial Metals:

Hemp fibers at Floyd's of Leadville:

Poking through at the bridge plaza:

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