Friday, May 21, 2021

Friday morning in Columbia - May 21, 2021

The docks are in at Columbia River Park.

Newly placed buoys are just off the cul-de-sac at River Park.


Difference of opinion?
(There's a lot of that going around lately.)

Killdeer on the rails, as usual

The Veterans Memorial Bridge, as seen from the Union Street boat ramp

Two bridges and a buoy

Out at the Zion Hill Cemetery . . .


Entrance to the "secret" water company storage tanks

Don't go here.

A bamboo forest?

Fallen down

Susquehanna Valley Nursing and Rehab Center

A closer look

Heroes work here.

Sinkhole in progress

Deeper and deeper

One of several modular units being transported along Route 462 this morning
(See the clip at the end of this post.)

The DAC is being pressure-washed in preparation for painting.
Seven oversized loads from MODLOGIQ passed through town this morning, 
headed west on Route 462.


Unknown said...

Maybe one of these took out the curb at Fifth & Chestnut.

Unknown said...

Well, I have a good idea what busted the curb at Fifth & Chestnut Sts. after seeing the video of the oversize loads!!

Joe Lintner said...

Yes, it's pretty obvious.