Saturday, May 29, 2021

Councilman Stevens follows up on McGinness property comments

Following up on my comments on the McGinness property, here is a link to the video:

So watch from 56:43 to 57:53, timeline. Now this wasn't the only reason I say no to this. There are also other reasons. One was I do try to listen to comments from our taxpayers and I have to decide for myself if it really would be a good thing. Yes, it would be good thing, but not with tax money, and like some have said, the borough should not be in the real estate business. Now, if we had a meeting and 5 companies showed up and said, we don't want to buy the whole thing but we want in there, I'd say OK let's do it, but you don't hear any names. So I don't see at this point any reason to buy it on a big IF or Maybe. But I'm only one vote.

Howard Stevens
Columbia Borough Council

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Unknown said...

Thanks Howard for thinking of Columbia taxpayers. You are perhaps the only council member with any business knowledge or experience. Market house taxpayers money no return, Taj Mahal at the river taxpayers money no return costing taxpayers excess of 130,000 per year to operate.. Lutz stated the Taj Mahal will bring 250,000 visitors to shop downtown Columbia a year what a joke, unless people like to look at empty store fronts. To many non profits in Columbia. Lutz and borough council did enough damage to Columbia over the years it has to stop. The only thing a Mayor should do is cut ribbons and ride in parades and quit interrupting council members as they speak at council meetings. Howard keep up the good work we the people thank you and council women Sharon Litner for your unwavering support.