Monday, April 26, 2021

Pizza restaurant is coming to Columbia and it might offer alcohol!

Level Up is coming to Columbia!

A pizza restaurant is coming to Columbia, and it might offer alcoholic beverages. The restaurant, "Level Up," will soon open its doors for business at a venue at 237 Locust Street. Out front stands a sandwich board with a message touting the business's name and a need for service help. (That's right - they're hiring!) In addition, a bright orange liquor license application is displayed on a window. The restaurant was previously located at 316 Honeysuckle Drive in Marietta. An online menu from that location includes pizza, stromboli, lasagna, and taco salad, so a similar bill of fare could be offered here. 

Level Up is another of the businesses that have flocked to Columbia recently. Obviously, the pro-Columbia vibe that borough officials and business leaders have put forth is working. 

The business will soon open at 237 Locust Street.

A liquor license application is prominently displayed on one of the front windows.

A sandwich board out front displays the business name and a need for kitchen and service help.

Level Up's previous location (now closed) at 316 Honeysuckle drive in Marietta


SueTrinity said...

Welcome to our friendly & sharing town.

Radical rag said...

Its a great thing to see new buisness in columbia!!!

Lilmissp said...

Why didn’t they stay in Marietta where they were ? Since the shooting happened they closed , now moving into Columbia-Great... and Alcohol? Great !