Monday, April 19, 2021

Deeds Recorded - Columbia Borough - April 19, 2022

Patricia A. Duvall and Patricia A. Holt conveyed 434 N. Fifth St. to Patricia A. Holt and Ted D. Holt for $1.

Neighborhood Properties Solutions LLC, Antonio Munoz and Denise M. Keyser conveyed 628 Plane St. to Brian Michael Culp and Michelle Lynn Culp for $189,900.

Erin E. Cramer and Keith L. Cramer conveyed 836 Locust St. to High Impact Realty LLC for $231,000.

Norwood Realty Investments LP and Norwood Realty Investments LLC conveyed property on Locust Street to Timothy D. Slaymaker for $310,000.

Megan Seibert conveyed property on South Eighth Street to Gary Cleveland for $153,000.

Paul B. Esh and Fannie S. Esh conveyed 473 Locust St. to Aaron K. Esh and Sadie S. Esh for $140,000.

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