Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Jack Ruth and Kelly M. Ruth conveyed property on a public road to Juliana Mento for $160,057.

Erick Shope and Mandy S. Shope conveyed 601 Manor St. to Adam R. Burkhart and Megan E. Burkhart for $65,000.

Johnny L. Hedges conveyed 919 Spruce St. to Carlos R Rivera Colon for $150,000.

The estate of Pauline K. Willingham and The estate of Pauline L. Willington conveyed property on South Fifth Street to Nancy L. Poindexter for $1.

John C. Hibberd & Sherryl A. Hibberd Living Trust, John C. Hibberd and Sherryl A. Hibberd conveyed 130 Perry St. to Lee Z. Allen for $127,500.

Donald L. Hanes conveyed property on Manor Street to Nathanael A. Miller and Shelby R. Miller for $192,500.

Alison Sky conveyed 614 Walnut St. to Shadow 9 LLC for $75,000.

Jazlyn Alexis Herr and Garrison Reese Motter conveyed property on Walnut Street to Gary A. Motter and Julia A. Motter for $173,400.

Yoshifumi Fujii and Michelle Stone conveyed 241 N. Second St. to Awakened Properties LLC for $76,500.

Renewed Concepts LLC, Wayne C. Nauman, Patrick B. Reardon, JP Real Estate Development LLC and Joseph A. Dougher conveyed property on North Seventh Street to Ethan H. Byers and Stephanie C. Hopper for $274,000.

Edna M. Wakefield and Edna Wakefield conveyed property on a public road to Kirk J. Wakefield for $1.

Mark H. Troutman conveyed property on Ironville Pike to Kevin H. Troutman for $117,000.

Jeffrey S. Groff and Joan M. Inman conveyed 26 S. Fourth St. to Dennis L. Kemmick Jr. for $75,000.

Eric W. Quinn and Sarah E. Quinn conveyed property on Poplar Street to Sarah E. Quinn for $1.

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