Sunday, April 4, 2021

About Town - April 4, 2021

This week's photos of Columbia

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Nest-building time

Saint Francis will look out for them.

Daffodils just in time for Easter

Tulip about to bloom

Small backhoe next to Shawnee Run

Here's the tunnel that runs under South 4th.

Part of the Shawnee Run restoration project

Train near Florence & Mill

It will never pass inspection in this condition.

Ghost signs near the intersection of Barber, Florence, and Mill

Tracks on their way to somewhere

Fallen trees and branches about to clog Shawnee Run

Chassis on Manor

How many people know where this is?
(The answer's at the end.)

Sign down!

Metal tubes hanging from a gutter in Avenue G

Roof work on Locust

Shadows on Second

Old-fashioned light globe at the Watch & Clock Museum

More globes there

A Canada goose looks inquisitively at the camera.

The other public boat ramp that almost no one uses, at the bottom of Union Street

" "th & WALNUT


On the lookout at River Park

Saint Peter's Church

Buddha on Second

Here's his story.

Here's his friend.

And here's her story.

Guardian of the temple

Here's what he looks like from behind.

Two guardians

Meanwhile, at Mount Bethel 

Above ground

Brit flag

"Come unto me."

"Abide with me."

In the grass

Broken up

"He loved his country."


Cracks are forming.

Born September 7, 1802

Truck on Linden

Here's the logo on the back of the truck.
So, what's in that truck?

It won't work like that.

He's back!

Sign down!

UGI guy at Route 462 & Cherry

Ominous cloud advancing

Wide cloud

Getting closer

Chinook flying over in the evening


An Iron Stag, at that

Coal car

A very long train consisting of coal cars passed through on Saturday morning.

Many coal cars were on the train.

Very many coal cars were on the train.

Happy Easter!

Abandoned bike at Second & Cherry

401-403 Locust Street

The St. John Neumann School is open.

The "C" on this medallion presumably stands for "Columbia."

There are several on the base of this lamppost.

The post is located at 4th & Cherry, at the former Andy's Market.

So, should the cloth be red . . .
(Holy Trinity)

. . . or purple?
(Victory Church)

Illegally parked on Bank Avenue

A flag that seems to support everything

Datestone at Manor School

At 10th & Manor

Training in progress

Coming soon on South 12th

Answer: The Strine Memorial is at the District Administration Center, 200 North 5th Street.

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