Sunday, March 28, 2021

About Town - March 28, 2021

This week's photos of Columbia

(Click on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

Watercolor in progress at Columbia River Park

Over at Rail Mechanical, there's activity in the railyard.

A few adjustments are being made.

Using a big tool for a big job

Here are some train cars hiding beside the alley.
(Avenue X)

Which car? Every car!

Nice stash

Holding together - barely
(Avenue X)

Storage building in Avenue X

The beauty of rust
(Avenue X)

Still booked up
(Avenue X)

Front entrance, nicely done
(258 North 3rd Street)

Pedal cars at Kelman & Swartz at North 3rd & Poplar

Columbia Spy gave a sneak preview of the business HERE

Rusty bells on Bank Avenue

Ghost sign

Another ghost sign

Yet another ghost sign
(North 3rd)

Datestone with pretzels on North 3rd

Vehicle accident on North 5th

The damage done

Victory Church

The Chief Cornerstone at Victory Church

Striking a pose at Columbia Crossing

The first check-in at the Chip Factory Hotel

How long will he stay?

The "COLA building" along the railroad tracks

COLA is an abbreviation for "Columbia."

The big rock at South 9th & Route 462

Does it though?

Stray fire extinguisher at the Herbert "Cubby" Spiese Bridge on Route 462

Carnivorous car

Water delivery at borough hall: 
Take a good look. You're paying for it.

As predicted, the tree grates on Locust Street are beginning to create problems: lifting, weeds, debris.
They were a pet project of a former councilman, who was warned of potential issues but pushed on with the project anyway. In August 2016, council voted 4-3 to purchase the grates at a cost of $2,500. Many of the grates are now being removed.

Enjoying the weather at River Park

Mist on the river

A new car on its way to somewhere

Here are several shots from Todd Stahl:

Above and below: Catholic Schools in Columbia:
Holy Trinity and St. Peter's, now Our Lady of the Angels School

Signage at 7th & Walnut

Recycling/disposal at Columbia River Park

Sign on the 200 block of Cherry Street

Road Closed - North 6th Street

Down at the tracks (near Union Street)


Open door at Columbia Presbyterian

Food provided by Hands Across the Street


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