Sunday, March 21, 2021

About Town - March 21, 2021

 This week's photos of Columbia

(Click on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

Walkers out for a walk downtown

Just passing through?

There must be something interesting down there.


Pump - cheap water?

Datestone at 8th Street & Route 462

Trailers on 462

South 9th Street as seen from Holy Trinity Cemetery

Cell tower in a field roughly behind Keystone Cap

Troopers flying over

Cracked base at 5th & Locust

On Tuesday, a train stopped on the tracks along Front Street for several hours due to a problem with a coupler. The train blocked traffic, because the tracks cross over Front Street near Locust Street. Resident Michael Nesteruk (shown in the photos) directed traffic at the intersection of Front and Locust:

The train blocked traffic where the tracks cross over Front Street.

Here's a photo of southbound traffic backed up.

Norfolk Southern crews arrived and addressed the issue - reportedly, a problem with a coupler.

Norfolk Southern on the job

At least part of the bridge stayed dry.
(Of course, the underside is always dry.)


CareerLink March 27 at Columbia High School

Like the sign says

There's plenty of room for the mower.

Daffodils, a sure sign of spring, at Coexist Gallery on Locust

This bell tower at 200 North 5th Street was one of the subjects of discussion at this week's HARB meeting. Representatives of the Columbia School District, which owns the building, told the board that the wooden railing around the tower needs to be replaced.

Options considered were removal or replacement with a composite material. 
No decision was rendered, because the discussion was for information only.

Unique architecture at The Elks

Another example

New flower pots - tubs along Route 462, at Butcher's shop

Another datestone, this one at a church

Here's the church at 6th & Chestnut.

Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church standing tall at 6th & Locust

Old-time post and gate in Avenue G

A robin, another sure sign of spring

Here's a bullet hole in a window at IronStrong Metal Fabrication on the 200 block of North 4th Street.

According to the police report, a representative for the company noticed the damage during the week of March 8. Damage is estimated at $500.

Here's some 85-year-old graffiti at the Bootleg Keystone building.
It appears to hold the names Paul Geiss(?), Sam Kauffman, and Ike Lichty.
[Photo by Todd Burgard]

This note is on the inside wall of the carriage house at the former General Shannon property 
at 500 Chestnut Street. 
It reads: 
"Firestone tires on Rear
August 11, 1921
Speedometer Reading 20,166"

Cycle on sidewalk
[Photo by Todd Stahl]

Contraption on Bridge Street
[Photo by Todd Stahl]

Life jackets float - you don't!
[Photo by Todd Stahl]

Saggy bench at River Park
[Photo by Todd Stahl]

Stone at Columbia River Park
[Photo by Todd Stahl]

A reminder for boaters
[Photo by Todd Stahl]

Water levels were high and velocity was swift and moving at the beginning of the week. Conditions are similar today (Sunday).
[Photo by Todd Stahl]

Read and heed.
[Photo by Todd Stahl]

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