Sunday, March 14, 2021

About Town - March 14, 2021

This week's photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

"Dear Gentrifiers . . . "

Loading up the shed at the Visitors Center

A few final adjustments

Ready to rock

And away it goes!

Farewell Visitors Center!


A worker from Heath Consultants checking underground lines on Front Street

Grave markers at Mount Bethel Cemetery

Masonry work at 142 Locust

Canada geese flyover

CHS girls' basketball team on the way to Linden Hall (3/10/21)

Lineman trying not to get his wires crossed

Southwest Side Story

Pumpkins past their prime but partially preserved by the winter weather

Historic light fixtures at Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Fresh concrete at the bridge plaza

A few flags flying

There they are again.

Ghost sign

Johns Hopkins Lifeline

Must-have glasses at Styled X Khloe Boutique at 420 Locust Street

Running lines at North 5th & Route 30

Angel carrying flowers

Looking through

Hooray, the snow is almost gone!

Don't mess with this.

Because it operates these.

And it could lead to this.

Mr. 0.0 will be watching.

Here comes a train, approaching the intersection with Lawrence Street (according to Google Maps). Interesting that there are no barricades or warning lights at this intersection.
As this train approached, a truck with a flatbed trailer, and a car, crossed the tracks in front of it.

There is, however, a sign marking the railroad crossing.

Apparently, the location is marked with these metal plates. 

Well, at least we think we know what's in this railcar.

Looks like lumber's back.

It was reportedly hard to find at the height of the COVID crisis.

Out for a run

Align Pregnancy Services at 462 Chestnut has FREE diapers, wipes & formula.

But who decides who's who?

This is either a modern art sculpture or some sort of farm equipment.

Out with the old . . .

. . . in with the new

Stars and STRIPS!

A horny skull and one suffering from red-eye

But who's the green guest?

He's ridin' shotgun.

A favorite view of many 

On Sunday morning, water rescue training was happening at Columbia River Park, led by Todd Stahl of White Cap Water Rescue Training LLC:

[Photo by Todd Stahl]

[Photo by Todd Stahl]

[Photo by Todd Stahl]

Here are 3 from Todd Stahl showing this morning's high water level:

Enjoying the view

Mission accomplished!
[Photo by Todd Stahl]


Sue said...

Where is that torn flag think it is about time they take it down did the girls win there game so sad to see the visitors center go

Joe Lintner said...

The torn flag is at Glatfelter's. The girls lost to Linden Hall 54-33. The Visitors Center has moved to Wrightsville; a local businessman is in the process of buying the building.