Sunday, February 21, 2021

About Town - February 21, 2021

Here's a look at the municipal building, 
aka Borough Hall.
The town clock is on council's meeting agenda for this Tuesday, because the clock mechanism needs to be replaced. Also on the agenda are several items related to the possible purchase of the McGinness Airport property, namely $144,000 in environmental studies, even though at least one such study was done in 2017. If the results of the studies are found to be satisfactory, the borough (we, the taxpayers) will most likely purchase the property, the most recent asking price of which was $1,495,000.

Here's another "outside" clock. This one's out along Route 462.
[Note: Due to a Google glitch, some photos refuse to center on the page.]

This snowman has a clock, too.
Let's hope this signifies time running out for winter weather.

Flags at the Buddhist temple on South 2nd

He can see clearly now.

The stitching is tearing again, revealing what lies beneath.
We should always know what lies beneath.

Columbia Water Tap sign protected by a tiny ancient warrior

There's an overturned baby carriage at Rotary Park.

But what's in the bag?

Speaking of bags, here's an overflowing dog poop station.

Damage from last week's tragic car accident down by the bridge

A memorial has sprung up there (shown here and below).

The bridge has leaks, as evidenced by these icicles.

The state needs to hurry up with that bridge renovation project.

Well, at least there's still some grass growing there.

In the 300 block of Avenue G - still the same arrangement

Yard ornament

Whoever left this cart has produced the only recent movement at this old building.

Life Lion with a watcher at the back window

Yes, we got hit with snow again this week.

Free meals from CHI

A contractor clearing out down on Union

Gutters down!

We're deep in the heart of it.

Let that snow fly - drivers in back be damned.

Mailbox down!

Sheriff in town

There he is.

Former feral feline

A sparrow holding on

And one hanging out
Evidence of a recent feeding frenzy

And here's fuel for another one:
Lady Gaga Oreos!
What'll they think of next?

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Sue said...

Why are we the tax payers buying the air port did anyone ask the tax payers if they want to buy the airport and where just are we going to get the money to do this town is not made of money and look at all of the studies they have already done on that land so we are just wasting more money that we don't have