Sunday, January 17, 2021

About Town - January 17, 2021

This week's photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

Until recently, this was what was left of HARB. Members resigned on principle a few months ago when three councillors voted against their recommendation. Mayor Lutz cast the deciding vote against HARB. New members were recently installed by council.

PPL doesn't really allow signs on their poles. 
Strangely enough, a borough official posted the HARB notice in the previous photo. 

A walk along Bank Avenue on a sunny day

New sheriff(s) in town

There they are now.

Flags like this were carried in DC on January 6th.

There was another house connected to this one. It was demolished several years ago to make way for an apartment building, which, so far, has not materialized.

The Z's can almost put you to sleep.

Two of the strange vehicles at K.T. Graham on Front Street

Pipes at the COLA building on Heritage Drive.

There's a light fixture there, too.

The fixture holds a bird's nest - warm and well protected.

Always do this.

Always do this, too, unless you think it limits your freedom.

The mayfly is still standing strong.

A well-worn arrow pointing to a well-worn path

Golden light on Locust

Tree-trimming time

Many people gathered to say goodbye to Jeff McMillen this week.

One of the original awnings?

Fenced in along 4th

Fenced in along Avenue X

A hello or a goodbye?

Don't loiter or trespass here.

Smucker hitched his wagon to a falling star.

According to this recently placed sign, the tattered flag on Locust Street DOES represent the state of our nation. 
The note reads: "I love this country but it is torn and tattered like this flag it is ripped apart. No unity. I mean no disrespect."
Columbia Spy posted a photo of the flag last week HERE.

There's some sort of structure in Shawnee Run.

Here it is.


New mausoleum in Holy Trinity Cemetery

Did a car explode in this backyard?

Park your bus here.

Muddy steps to the river

Don't lose your head in these trying times.

A lookout sporting 80's hair

Roadwork on the 200 block of Locust

Boundary along Bank Avenue

This might be considered an attractive nuisance.
Kids and critters could get in there, if they haven't already.

Nikes, aloft

Avenue D ends abruptly halfway between 3rd and 4th Streets.

Apartment doors that open directly into the alley...?

Apparently, each of these has a silver lining.

Even so, it looks like we're Dumpster Town, USA:

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