Sunday, December 6, 2020

About Town 12/6/2020

 This week's photos of Columbia

The good, the bad, and the ugly . . .

A man and his "doppelganger" at work on Locust Street.

Very many cacti in Avenue G

Loose bulbs at Locust Street Park

More Christmas lights at Tower Clock Apartments

Gingerbread houses at Borough Hall

Christmas lights at Borough Hall

Have a nice day!

Daylight snowflake

Mosaic of an autumnal scene on the 100 block of Walnut

This has been without a plate for months.

Free meals at 4th & Locust

Plastic flag reflecting

Good fences make good neighbors.
Bad fences - well, who knows?

Honda makes Tardises now?

Meanwhile, in Washington Boro, the Kool-Aid runs strong:


Back to Columbia but not necessarily to sanity:

Two more looks at the Columbia Historic Market House

Gargoyle looking bored with it all

Seagull with an "Excuse me?" look

Sign down

No parking, due to . . .

. . . Santa's expected arrival down by the bridge.

People are flocking there already.

Speaking of Santa - He might need to have his Check Engine light checked.

No parking on the 200 block of Locust

Roof repair

Moss doesn't make good mortar.

Not at all, as evidenced here

Ferns seem to like it, though.

This mini-loader was sitting in the field at Locust Street and Bank Avenue on Sunday afternoon.
Is it a sign of impending progress on the planned apartment building?

Until then, Merry Christmas Everyone!
It'll be here soon!

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GLD said...

thanks for sharing. look forward to these posts & photos each week. the work being done at the market house seem to be coming along nicely. that is good to see.