Sunday, December 27, 2020

About Town 12/27/20

 This week's photos of Columbia

(The last photos of the year)

This Charlie Brown tree(?) was spotted recently on 18th Street.

Last week's thawing snow and Thursday's heavy rains combined to cause flooding and raise water levels on the river this weekend:

Water levels "hovered" around 234 at Columbia River Park, which is 7 feet above normal.

The water even reached the top of the boat ramp.

Here are four from Todd Stahl:


A few traces of the holiday season remain:

Route 462 & Cherry Street

South 5th & Cherry


New ride in town

Mounting the sign at the Market House

The finished product

A closer look

The projected schedule


Snow cleanup around town:


Dumpster Street

Stuffed in the back

Get yours here.

Watch your step - all of them.

Checking the traffic controls at Front & Walnut

Icicles up at the tunnel (along the trail) 
Photo by Michelle Masch

A hazy shade of winter

A few from up the river by Todd Stahl:


Free stuff

Choose your healing: the spiritual or the commercial.
(Or both)

Hornet's nest (presumably abandoned) at Mount Bethel Cemetery


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