Sunday, November 8, 2020

About Town 11/8/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

(Tap/click on photos to see larger, clearer images.) 

A rose blooms . . . in November?

Close but not touching

A parade of oddball railroad vehicles

Here's one.

Residents were treated to several dazzling displays this past week.

Air Force cargo plane flying low
(Is that a dent in the side?)

That way

Attending to that damaged hydrant at 11th & 462

Sore loser?

The borough posted COVID alert signs, but not all borough officials wear masks or social distance at meetings.

Delivery at the Columbia Water Company?

Down the hatch

Cycle ready for an impending road workout

Some sort of strange helicopter flying in the distance

Central Park, Columbia

Shapes of nature

Sparrow watching . . .

. . . a cat watching him.

Tractor for sale at Tollbooth Antiques

Painting in progress on the keystone at Laurel Hill

Airliner in a flock of vultures

Colors of fall

700 Manor Street - gone . . .

. . . but not forgotten
(Google Maps photo)

At the bottom of Locust Street - still no sign of an apartment building

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