Sunday, November 29, 2020

About Town 11/29/2020

 This week's photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

Here's an elusive cat on the hunt down by the tracks.

And here's The Tint Shop at 4th & Union.

"Telemedicine" via a number on a utility pole - 
What could go wrong?

Scarf bombing on Locust Street (and 4th)

Cloud-to-cloud rainbow

Mother's Day Truck Convoy

Plaques like this one have been appearing on various buildings around town.

This one should contain a message of thanks to the taxpayers of Columbia, who financed the project.

Some sort of makeshift boat was moored just offshore in Washington Boro.

The secret lair of water company vehicles

Here's a tree that's seen better days.

These folks were giving Joseph a lift.

He ended up here.

Andy's 4th & Cherry store is gone for good, but the one on Ironville Pike is open.

Big boot with big canes

Do it somewhere else!

A giant bulb for generating great ideas

And here's one now - doors within a door.


This circus came to town at one time - in Lancaster.

In case it ever comes around

What appears to be an interdimensional portal is really just a mirror 
in the window at Burning Bridge Antiques.

Down at Lloyd Mifflin's house
(He doesn't live there anymore.)

Parking meter, bagged and jacketed.

Anti-Wolf sign

Service call in the field

At the VFW

Left, right, and center - just like politics

Stop the spread (presumably lanternflies, not Chevys).

More of the Market

Business hours

There's a piece missing.

Constable on the job

Work in progress at Tower Clock Apartments

Snowflake time again

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