Sunday, October 4, 2020

About Town 10/4/2020

 This week's photos of Columbia

(Click or tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

Arnold flexing
(His left arm is attached to the wiper.)

Renovations at the former Shawnee Fire Company

Flags a-waving

Campaign sign

The front of Hotel Columbia
(Was something added?)

Tree protector at the tree well protector
(400 block of Locust)

Geltz Gotz Goodeze ready for Halloween

The Shawnee Run project is progressing.

Shopping for a candidate? Here's one already in the cart.

Full moon caressed by clouds

Overhead lights
(Front & Walnut)

Spotted lanternfly trap
(Columbia River Park)

This was left open overnight in the rain.
(The backstory is HERE.)

Blue lights

White lights

A "camera man" at work with his truck parked on the sidewalk.

Surely this a violation . . . ?

Downtown skater

Some sort of hybrid of the U.S. flag with the Gadsden flag

Political signs

Trashy Columbia

Gaining traction

Out in the fog

Just drifting

Heron in profile

Something new has been added. A few things, actually.
(Note the solar panel in the extreme upper left.)

An electrical panel box - with wires connected - was added to one of the Civil War Bridge piers recently. (It's on the fourth pier from shore.)

Someone drilled into the historic blocks to mount the brackets.

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