Sunday, October 11, 2020

About Town 10/11/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

Night lights . . .

Graffiti on Bank Avenue . . .

The graffiti on this building was painted over.

Is it Americana or just junk?

Almost sunset on the Susquehanna

Down at the Market House . . .

Shawnee Run Restoration . . .


South Carolina secession flag

Trump flag mounted appropriately

Cleaning up at the Sunoco next to the Sunoco

Finding comfort on Jesus's head

When you just can't pull yourself together

Off to the flag rally

And there it is.


The sale is over, but the sign remains.

What is this?

PPL does not allow signs to be attached to their poles.

Slow demo on South 9th

West Hempfield really lets the public know about a hearing.  Columbia - eh, usually not so much.

Buggies on Drager Road

Skeleton dogs stalking a rusty eagle on Kinderhook Road

Once again, the bridge


BigD said...

I have to say the picture of the half American and half Confederate flag is pretty awesome

Howard Stevens said...

Just amazing to me on how people still fly flags in favor of Slavery. Separation of the United States, which is Treason and should be treated that way. Fly your flag, it tells everyone who you really are. Get it!!!!!

Sharon said...

Thank you Howard. The half and half is desecration.