Thursday, September 3, 2020

New policies for Glatfelter's Field include a limit of 250 people for home games

CBAA and The Glatfelter Foundation:

All-our CBAA football and cheerleading season is about to begin on Saturday, Sept 5th. As with everything else, COVID has changed how we do business. In the past, our home games were a true community event and the kids loved seeing all of the people there to support them. Unfortunately, those large gatherings are not possible at this time. Per the state guidelines, we are only allowed 250 people inside Glatfelters at any given time. As such, the CBAA and Glatfelter Foundation are implementing the following policies:

1) On days we have home games, we will only be allowing 250 people inside the park. In order to maintain this, parents that have kids participating in cheerleading and football will be given two (2) tickets for entry. We are only allowing two (2) spectators per participant. This is more than other organizations are allowing and many have cancelled cheerleading. This allows parents/families to see their kids participate.

2) If you do not have a ticket, you will not be allowed into the park during the games.

4) We have adjusted the start times of the games to earlier in the day as we think this will help with the number of people. Our home games will be scheduled for 11 am and 1 pm. If you do not have a child participating, we ask that you respect these times and avoid use of the park.

3) If there are any issues at the gate, it could cause the boys and girls seasons to be cut short and we do not want that to happen. They have worked hard to get to this point and need to be active and involved. Please do not do anything to take that away from them.

We are requesting that on the following days between 9:45 and 3 pm to avoid using the park. Any individual inside the park will count against the 250 people limit and may keep players and parents from entering.

CBAA has home games on the following days:

Sat. 9/5
Sat 9/26
Sat 10/10
Sat 10/17
Sat 10/31

While we love having everyone there, in this current environment it won't be possible. Please be respectful of the work the kids and coaches have put in so that they can have a positive experience and spend time with their friends, which they need during these challenging times.

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