Wednesday, September 23, 2020

[LNP | LancasterOnline] Columbia Council approves historic marker for Market House

When: Columbia Borough Council virtual meeting, Sept. 22.
What Happened: Borough Council approved the placement of a historic bronze plaque on the Columbia Market House by the Columbia Economic Development Corporation.

Why it's important: The Columbia Market House at 15 South Third St. was built in 1869. It is a focal point of a project recognizing Columbia's historic sites, co-sponsored by the Columbia Economic Development Corporation, Columbia Historic Preservation Society and Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce. Selected buildings are located primarily in the 100-400 blocks of Cherry, Locust and Walnut streets plus the first block of South Second Street. The project includes research on the borough's historic structures, placement of historic markers, a brochure, a walking tour and a digital virtual map.

Union Street properties: Council approved the demolition of structures at 422 and 424 Union Street to make room for a parking lot for residents of Columbia Catholic Housing for the Elderly's Saint Peter Apartments at 400 Union St. Several residents expressed concern, citing the borough's loss of taxable properties.
Permit database: Council approved a purchase of a subscription to a municipal database system called Permit Manager for $16,000 plus an $1,850 annual fee. This will allow digital storage and access to data on the borough's zoning/building, historic architectural, outdoor fire and stormwater permits. 

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