Sunday, September 6, 2020

About Town 9/6/2020

This week's photos of Columbia
(Tap/click on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

 Time for reflection

 Photo shoot

 Smooth journey

 Weeds in the 300 block of Avenue G

 Messages at Saint Paul Episcopal

Is there homelessness in Columbia?

 Are we great?

 Down at Floyd's of Leadville . . .

 Campaign sign


 Nudity on Locust Street

 If you run around naked, make sure you're well-armed.

 More nudity on Locust Street

 Heron at sunset

 Rainbow bridge

 Steamy Wrightsville


 Growing higher

 Coming home

 More dumping, this time along 462

 There he is again.

 No plate?

Peeking through

In Columbia, if you grease the gears with enough dough, 
you can do whatever you want.
It's called corruption, and it smells bad.

 Just the essentials

 Eco-friendly vehicle #99

 Eco-friendly vehicle #31

Sometimes you find flowers in the darnedest places.



 In the jungle, the mighty jungle . . . 

 Humongous hornets nest

 It's on this backyard shed.

 More nests and bugs than usual have been reported this year.

 Keep a distance away.

On the scene
[Photo by Mark Fritz]

Last but not least, a submitted photo from East Prospect


Miller said...

Find out when their going to cut the weeds at the section where you go onto 30? You can't see because of the weeds!

Eric J. White said...

Snide remark at the Trump sign, and compliment for Biden sign? Your Bias is showing.

Kelly said...

Eric White, did you expect anything different?