Sunday, September 13, 2020

About Town 9/13/2020

This week's photos of Columbia
(Tap or click on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

Chess in the park on a Sunday afternoon
(Sounds like a song title.)

 Reaching for the sky

 Black Lives Matter at Park Elementary

 Borough truck down along Riverfront Drive

 The highway department was hard at work along the shoreline.

 Painting at the municipal building by L. Weber

Prep work

 No, he's not one of the "Hole in the Wall" gang.

 He's working at the former Northwest Bank building. The hole is where the ATM used to be.

The project apparently even has full approval.

 Halloween is coming, but there's no need to rush it.

 Avenue G parking lot was blacktopped. Now it's been lined for parking spaces.

 Flag down at the bridge plaza

 The grass is coming back at the 4th & Locust lot.

 On the 400 block of Cherry Street.
How was this ever allowed?

On street sweeping days, residents on the other side of the street 
have to leave the block to park their cars.

 Free books at Mullen Books

 Cat in the window

 Apple thief caught creeping

 Ultraman at Cooper Comics at 5th & Locust

 The eel truck down at the boat ramp

 Several eels were released into the Susquehanna.

 Unfortunately, they were so small and few and far between that they couldn't be seen easily.

 Political flags on South 2nd

 The flag deposit box on the 400 block of Chestnut is full.

 Trying for altitude

 A stab of sunlight on the channel

 Flags in support of firefighters

 Clock(s) at the watch & clock museum

 Never forget 9/11

 POW flag

 Back the Blue

 Engine No. 67 one lane over

 A realtor's sign at the bridge plaza next to the commemorative bricks. No advertisements or other signs are to be put in this place of honor.

 A non-controversial pink teddy bear

 Here's a pumpkin in a diaper.
(Or is it a hammock?)

 It's among others at the Park Elementary garden.

Here's a wider view.

And here are some lady legs in a window at 5th & Cherry


Radical rag said...

The sign on 400 block of cherry is posted on a telephone poll, isnt there a code on signs on poles??? The church pretty much owns 3/4 of the block parking leaving very very little for the residents, the boro having zero solutions , the street sweeping sign so faded u cant read them, no parking driveway signs, in front of a.d.a handicap access, i believe the residents here, are suppost to just give into the church like the boro does

Radical rag said...

I thaught the boro has a code that states you cant put free items out??

G Lake Dylan said...

the "A stab of sunlight on the channel" photo ... simply spectacular. thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Awesome, as always!

Wil Torbert said...

Just like with the God awful lights that serve zero purpose.