Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Columbia Public Library Calendar of Events - October 2020


Mid-Week Update: A clock gets a facelift, a panel gets ignored, and a tree gets a ribbon

Recently seen about town . . 

A clock gets a facelift . . .

A clock at the National Watch & Clock Museum just got a facelift.  Stained glass was reinstalled in an exterior mounted clock at the NAWCC Museum at 5th & Poplar. The glass, which was recently reconditioned, was reinstalled by Bob Desrochers and Lee Davis. The clock is a 3-sided model with chimes, and is manufactured by the O.B. McClintock Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is mounted on the southwest wall of the building and was installed there in 1992-93.

[Photo: Sarah Gallagher]


A panel gets ignored . . .

Down by the railroad tracks, this control panel was found unlocked and left open late Tuesday afternoon.

The panel, located at Front and Walnut, coordinates the traffic lights and barricades at the intersection, which is adjacent to several sets of railroad tracks. An open padlock can be seen in the photo above.

A plastic bag, which appears to hold keys, can be seen in the lower right corner of the panel case.

No railroad vehicles or workmen were in the area.

An alert citizen, concerned about the possibility of electric shock and tampering, called in the issue using the telephone number posted at the panel.

Despite the phone call, the panel was still open Wednesday morning at about 8:30.
It's unknown if Tuesday night's rains caused any damage.

The panel was finally closed and locked by 11 a.m.


A tree gets a ribbon . . .

Two blue ribbons like the one shown above were tied to trees in front of borough hall this week. 
Apparently, the ribbons were placed there to show support for police.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

About Town 9/27/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

(Click or tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

More faces about town . . .

(Continued from last week)

8th & Walnut

Here's a slightly longer view.

At the Buddhist temple on South 2nd
(Shown above and below)


It's at 125 Walnut Street.

Apparently, there's an open-door policy.

Line painting along Route 462 . . .

Work continues on the Shawnee Run restoration project
(Between Mill Street and 4th Street)

This squirrel seems unimpressed.

Maybe he didn't read the sign.


You matter.

Light in shade

New paint job at borough hall

"The corn is as high as an elephant's eye . . ."
(Avenue X)

Another open-door policy


Workers inspect the front of Hotel Columbia

Fancy tree well on the 400 block of Locust

Electric flag

Front end passenger

Albatwitch Day - Saturday, October 17, 2020

There's an albatwitch now.

Blue lights to back the blue

Dusk on the river

Night flight

They're still doing it.

Right through the center of town.

Someone damaged the hornets nest at Laurel Hill Cemetery, apparently by throwing stones at it.
(Note the stones in front of the gravestone.)

Hopefully, the marks on the gravestone aren't permanent.


Ribbed sky

Spotted lanternfly

Bird in the bush

The family invited itself over.
(The one in the middle must be the mother-in-law.)

Aspiring heavenward

Out in the fog