Monday, August 24, 2020

Former co-owner of Sparrow Websites buys company as sole owner

(Pictured: A photo from a video announcement shared by Sparrow Websites, showcasing three of Justin Rule, new sole owner of the business.)

Justin Rule, previous co-owner of Sparrow Websites, announced changes in the business including his new role as sole owner. Adam Grim and Joe Byler, both previous stakeholders in Sparrow, are continuing to work with Sparrow on a part-time basis while perusing additional business passions.

Sparrow Websites began in 2016 by Rule and Grim as a website design company for small businesses out of Lancaster, PA. Its mission to deliver affordable, expert products to entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and other small businesses continues to be at the forefront of the organization.

Since 2016, Sparrow has grown in services, employees, and physical location. In December of 2019, Sparrow made the move to the Ignite Building in downtown Columbia, what was once Columbia Life Network. Sparrow took a special interest in the local community and participated in multiple efforts to revamp and rejuvenate businesses in the Columbia area. Sparrow now offers small businesses and entrepreneurs a service called launch kits where users can have expert designers create a website in less than 5 days for $500.

“I am going to take the reigns as the sole owner at Sparrow so my partners Adam and Joe can pursue some new passion projects while I, Justin, lead us into a new season ahead,” says Rule. “We are eager to continue serving you!”

To see the announcement video or to learn more about the changes happening at Sparrow Websites, you can visit For any questions on services or how this change effects current clients, you can reach out to Justin at

[Source: News release]

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