Monday, August 17, 2020

Citizens address borough council on housing, police reform, and Black Lives Matter

Columbia School Board Director Robert Misciagna explained why affordable housing must be a focus for governments everywhere. With millions expected to be evicted from their homes by the end of the year, it has only become more urgent for municipalities to implement measures that will make rent and mortgage payments more affordable for their citizens. The increases in the cost of housing have far exceeded those of incomes. Every day Americans find it more and more difficult to balance increases in rent with their need to buy groceries, buy clothes, pay loan payments, and fulfill other necessary expenses. Affordable housing measures are just as important in Columbia as they are everywhere else.

Mark Temons is a member of the Lancaster NAACP and a cofounder of the Lancaster Peace Action Network, as well as a Columbia resident. Although Mark’s five minutes were up before he made his conclusions, he makes some amazing points about the need for 21st century police reform. I am certain that we will continue to see him fighting for these changes in Columbia in the foreseeable future.

Becky Young, a Columbia Borough School District School Director, spoke last week at a Borough Council Meeting in order to respond to false claims that Black Lives Matter is a hate group.

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