Sunday, August 23, 2020

About Town 8/23/2020

This week's photos of Columbia
(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

Old friends

Pride Flag - 
Columbia moves into the 21st Century.

Backyard flags

Ready to embark

Holding down the roof at Holy Trinity

Tribute to World War II submarine crews
(Locust Street Park)

Painting continues at Global Time Wizard

Once again, dumping

Lighting up at 403 Locust

 Construction vehicles used at the 401-403 Locust Street project did a number on the curb at the lot at 4th & Locust. Although the sidewalk was replaced last week, the curb still needs tender loving care.

As Colonel Bull Meechum would say, "Grossly insufficient!"

Signs at 430 Walnut

Working on that bottom panel

Meanwhile, across the street 
at 421 Avenue G

A 19-space parking lot with fence and gate is currently under construction there.

The permit was apparently signed on August 4, 2020 by Interim Zoning Officer Karen Zaporozec.

A Call for Racial Justice & Reinventing the Police is planned for Locust Street Park on August 25.

For some reason, Civil War battle flags of the Army of Tennessee have begun to appear throughout town. The one shown here is fittingly backed by a Trump flag.

Here's another. The flag is often used by right-wing hate groups and is not the official flag of the former Confederacy.

This one appears to hold a message that the South will rise again - yet the flag is displayed here in the North.

But here's a peace symbol.

And here's another.

They're hanging at the Olde Timber Works

Some signs need to be retired or replaced.

Down at Lloyd Mifflin's house


There's where that missing cart got to.

Corn almost ready for harvest on South 9th

 After construction vehicles were moved from the lot at 4th & Locust, the area was tilled.

And reseeding was begun (here and below).

The boot


Columbia Presbyterian is going green, one door at a time.

Vultures seem to like the Turkey Hill tower.

This vehicle comes with a tail.

"The bridge"

Wrightsville in the rain

Under the bridge

The bridge is overdue for rehabilitation.

More of the bridge

Ripples . . .

Endless ripples

On the way there

Here's a pic from Chickies by Todd Stahl.

And last but not least: They're here - spotted lanternflies.


Unknown said...

I think you should brace yourself...We are in for four more years of AWESOMENESS!!! TRUMP 2020! I think you should cover more of the conservative side of Columbia.

Lisa said...

Always great photos, Joe - and some good food for thought!!