Sunday, August 2, 2020

About Town 8/2/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

Bike brigade

 Ghost Tours on Locust

 Time for a change

 Brush up on your holds

 Sunflowers on display

 Someone got the boot.

 Vehicle counter at the bottom of Locust

 Looking through Living Stones on Front Street

 Limit on personal freedom or just a good idea?

At the Tomato Barn
(Washington Boro)

Playing chicken
(Washington Boro)

Here are a few from Todd Stahl:

 The white cliffs of Conoy,
overlooking the Susquehanna River

 Borough worker Jimmy Jones on the job

Rail trail, Columbia Borough Highway Department trimming weeds along the trail.

 Further up the trail

Women for Trump on Staman's Lane

PSP in town for the rally

The light at the end of the tunnel

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