Sunday, July 26, 2020

About Town July 26, 2020

This week's photos of Columbia
(Tap or click on each photo to see a larger, sharper view.)

Flying high once again

Little lost animals at 4th & Locust

Sunflower in an unnamed public alley

Workers installed a window grate at Stover's to help prevent further break-ins at the store. 
The window shown above was broken out on June 21 during the second of two break-ins.

The window next to the entrance door (far right, under the awning) was broken out on June 5, and a grate has been added there, also.

Sign checker checking a sign

A peek inside the market

A stash of bricks further down the alley

Dumpsters in the back yard

Donation bin -
Currently, there are four in town.

Possible destinations

Edible garden, pollinator friendly

Corn in Avenue X

Coming down at . . .

9th & Manor

Fire truck ahead


Troweling at 403 Locust

They're back!

Cleaning 'em up


Closed until further notice

Farther over on 462, there's a plan in effect. 

Visitors at the cul-de-sac

Out-of-control weeds continue to plague the borough.


Hanging out at the Turkey Hill gas pumps
(Chestnut Street)

Sticker shock

Is that a thing?


The mayfly/lighting study continues. 
The bugs seem to prefer the white light, if the piles are any indication.

They don't seem to like the yellow lights as much.
(Let's go with the yellow!)

Checking the results

Up on the rooftop click click click

Dig it!

Beating the heat

Who says unicorns don't exist?

New sign for TES

Where are the awnings?

"Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come."


Sue said...

To bad they have to spend money to put window grates at Stovers because some people have destroy things that don't belong to them to bad they can't find better things to do

Radical rag said...

I used hound dog for a dumpster its been sitting for weeks cause his 3 trucks keep breaking down, .. rvd is the way to go

Unknown said...

Any thing with color or race is races