Saturday, July 4, 2020

About Town 7/5/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

Black Lives Matter on Second Street.

 Flowers at the town square

 On the right track along 4th Street

 The VFW is opening 7/6.

 Here's their logo.

 This logo appears on a train engine at Rail Mechanical near 4th Street.
It features the Veterans Memorial Bridge and a profile of a railroad track.

 Pipes at the Columbia Organ Works

 They just keep doing it:
Dumping at the end of Wright Street

 Dust storm during road construction at 8th & Walnut

 Black Lives Matter on Locust Street

 Flower feast at the town square

More flowers at the town square

 Tractor-trailers at the bottom of Locust Street. 
What was that about the Route 441 bypass keeping them out of town?

Canada geese just off the Veterans Memorial Bridge on the Wrightsville side

This sign is up year-round - just in case.

Morning light

Such signs are not to be affixed to PPL utility poles, but the practice is widespread around town.

A 3-in-1 flag

At the Holy Trinity Cemetery

 Stolen valor?
A soggy sparrow sits atop a medallion.

 Turtle on the high school hill
(He was moved to a safe space.)

 Steam after a summer rain

 COVID-19 ALERT at Rotary Park

 Part of the mayfly/lighting study on the Veterans Memorial Bridge

 They just keep doing it:
Dumping near Front & Bridge

 Boxes and boxes at Floyd's of Leadville

 Replacing awnings at the State Theatre building

A closer look

The finished project

 This plateless vehicle on the 300 block of Locust received a parking ticket, but what license number was used?

 Blue Rock filling up

 Construction vehicles at the Market House

 Fireworks for sale

 The bridge inspection team was at work again this past week.

 There's their vehicle - under the bridge.

 Hopefully, this is not a web of deceit. 
There are too many of those in Columbia already.

 Fed Ex flying over

 Abandoned mask. 
They don't really work like this.

 Borough workers spruced up the bridge plaza for the holiday.

 Shadows at work

 The park that aspired be everything to everyone has evolved into a congested mess.

 Patriotic bunting

Pop-up food 'n' fixins under the bridge for the Fourth

Bikes for rent at Front and Bridge

 Rainbow umbrella

 A flag on Locust Street for Independence Day

 Can you see what's there?
[Submitted photo]

 Well, there he is again.
For such a slowpoke, he sure gets around.

Even more flowers at the town square

Remnants of fireworks in Avenue I several days before the Fourth

 Remnants of fireworks on Sunday morning, July 5.

 Right in front of the post office

 Unique artwork at 4th & Union

 Avenue L

Sticker shock on Poplar

 This tract at Locust Street and Bank Avenue was finally mowed this week.

Flags in the breeze

Black Lives Matter on Poplar Street.

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