Sunday, July 19, 2020

About Town 7/19/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

Painters at River Park

Painting river scenes

Trouble at the railroad crossing 

Takin' it away

Reflecting on 3rd Street 

There's that patriotic address.

Black Lives Matter 

Painting the lot at River Park 

In the back of the pickup

A proud addition to any man cave

New logo at Coffee & Cream

There it is in the middle.

Plane with presidential seal sliding behind the trees

This sign at River Park has been revised.

The rule doesn't apply to everyone, though.
Rank has its privileges, 
and privilege has its rankness.

Guy getting a boost

Combination of the U.S. flag and the insurrectionist flag

PPL doesn't permit attachments to its poles.

See above.

Lookin' like a million bucks

Magnificent man in his flying machine
(Two people, actually)

New sign

And another

Trashy Columbia 

Clean up your animal waste!

On the 300 block of Walnut 

Notice of appeal

Here's a closer look.
There's no further information at this point 
because the meeting was canceled.

Damaged medallion 

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