Sunday, June 7, 2020

About Town 6/7/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

Out for a walk at Columbia River Park

 As were many

 Another look at that steel magnolia in the town square

 Trash, or a resting place?

Time for a change

 Free bikes, etc.

Free food

 Caged pigeons

 These bricks appeared at the parking lot at the bottom of Locust Street earlier this week. Some residents were concerned that they were placed there to entice looters to use them during protests. There are no reports of that happening. The bricks were intended for the Market House construction project and were later delivered to the site.

Murder in the Mansion is coming soon here at 131 Locust Street.

 Seems like a song.

Above it all

Like clockwork, working on the clockworks at the Watch & Clock Museum. . .

Here's a look inside one of the clocks nearer the building.

Here's the clock tower, top to bottom.

 Here's the top.

Here's the bottom.

 And across the street is the School of Horology.
Horology is the study and measurement of time, and the art of making clocks and watches.

 The fallen at Laurel Hill:

 At Glatfelter's Field

 Graves of Columbia's bridge burners at Mount Bethel Cemetery are marked with medallions such as this one.

 Mixed menagerie

 Drilling down on Walnut

 Big man for a big job

401-403 Locust Street

 Nick Mills shrine at 3rd & Walnut

 Upgrades at the police station

 Bagged mulch for sale

Early on Friday morning, a person or persons threw two bricks through the front window of Stover's and took cash and a handgun. The bricks were a different style from those shown above.

 Working on the windows

Snowy egret on Purples Lane


Congratulations Class of 2020!

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Howard Stevens said...

The Clock at the museum has finally returned, I Rewired the power for it. Also the Snowy egret on Purples Lane, has eaten half of my fish in my pond, and maybe 2 frogs.