Sunday, May 3, 2020

About Town 5/3/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

According to Wikipedia, the words "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" have long been associated with the American postal worker. Now, coronavirus can be added to the list.

The Book of Revelation says the fourth horseman (of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse) rides a pale horse and represents pestilence and death. Hopefully, he will soon be purged from our lands.

These two are probably not horses of the Apocalypse.

In the meantime, lap dances are not recommended.

By the way, here's how that sign looked in 2007.

No, he's not looking at the lady above. He's one of several workers who resumed working on the construction project at 4th and Locust on May 1, as shown in the two photos below.

Extremely social distanced

Men at work

Not social distanced enough?

Essential workers caught up on essential projects.

Here are some baseball players at the high school.

Donations keep rolling in at Columbia Presbyterian.

They're also rolling in at the bin on Poplar Street, but collections there have been suspended.

End of a journey.
Beginning of another?

Some can afford to get away.

Another sign of the times

Yep, there's the inlet.

Memorial bricks down at the bridge plaza

Giant ghost plane way up in the clouds

No more Keagy's - 
End of an era?

Empty store front

Here's a Columbia shirt for sale.

Here's what it says.

Here are some bottles of salad dressing in a box on Walnut.

This is not how to dispose of rubber gloves after use.

Nor this.

Black and white outfit on a white shutter in a color photo

Low-cost transportation

A doll, but not a living one

At St. Paul's Episcopal

No services thru May 17

Christ on a cross on a transom

Fancy cursive

Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. People born there are United States citizens.

At Lloyd Mifflin's house on Walnut Street

Marauders flag

Pots of flags, one each

Speaking of pots, here are two on Locust that were broken recently.
[Submitted photos]

And here's something else broken.
This wall in historic Avenue J was damaged when high winds knocked down a tree a few weeks ago.

Antique-looking sign for Rivertowne Antique Center 

Blue angels

Blue (and white) cross that lights up at night

Fleet of codes vehicles:
Columbia Borough has more of these than drivers to drive them.

If it's only partly legible, is it only partly enforceable?

Cloudy sky, traffic sign, and decorative ball

Rolling along

Onward and upward on the wrong side

None permitted

But they're permitted here, where work has barely stopped lately.

Blacktopping the lot at 430 Walnut

Some people even get to block the mailbox.

When the water goes around the sewer grate . . .

T-Rex busting out the back

Painter at work

Practice 'til you get it right.

And stay home.

Turning a two-lane into a one-lane

Well of course we are. 

Historic brick sidewalk on Cherry Street

Generosity on North 6th

Steer's horns, but probably not for steering

Another utensil flower by Butcher

Lost phone?

The Columbia Borough Zoning Board voted 3-2 this week to permit the demolition of these properties to expand parking for St. Peter Apartments.

Enlarge this photo to see the particulars.

Rolling on down the track

That's obvious.


Who says there's no free lunch?

The bank was busy on Friday.
Did the stimulus checks come through?

Landscapers at the water company

Helping to feed the masses at Columbia Presbyterian

Food drive-thru at 360 Locust on Friday


The Mississippi state flag
Let's hope divisiveness doesn't rule the day.

 "Road" closed due to high water from recent rains

Almost at 233 on Sunday morning. Yesterday, it was slightly higher.
227 is considered normal.

 The geese don't seem to mind. Here are some newbies en route.

 Ramp closed

 Congratulations Class of 2020!

Until then

Keep your distance until this over and we all might meet again.

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Unknown said...

Enjoyed all the photos but my personal favorite is the one where the water is going around the sewer grate - lol. Was nice to just see good pictures of Columbia with no mention of the virus or anything political.