Sunday, May 31, 2020

About Town 5/31/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

All you need is love.

Artifacts from a bygone era

Has it been beaten into shape yet?
Back in the day, workers would say they worked at the Malleable, pronouncing it "MOWL-luh-bull."

Falcon watch in effect

Still there . . .

and believed to be part of this quartet, possibly known as the"The East Side Udders."
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Off to be made into millions of pencils

A many-hundred gallon container for those who really like their iced tea

Linden Street lookout

Saint Francis and friend

Cardinal, elated

This could be posted at many places around town.

Broken light cover at the 5th & Chestnut clock plaza

Red-tailed hawk (?) on Bank Avenue

In case you lose direction

Eye bolts hanging out at Peerless Hardware

On the 500 block of Avenue H: soon to be demolished?

The planning commission and zoning hearing board recently approved the conversion of this building, the former Catholic War Vets, into a two-unit apartment building. There's no parking available on the property, and no setback on the Avenue H side. There's no exterior trash receptacle or dumpster. Trash will be stored in a compartment inside the building. There's also no exterior stairs. A plastic ladder will be stored onsite to be used to escape from the second floor, in case of fire.
What could possibly go wrong? 

The Betsy Ross Flag

The United States Flag and the flag of the Cult of Trump. The gray background could be smoke resulting from Trump inflaming the country.

Oh well, at least we have the flag of the United States of Watermelon.

Time for a good weeding on South 9th.

Sunflowers off to a good start

Fresh paint on the high school hill, undoubtedly dry by now

A mini hornet's nest, or what's left of a bigger one?
(It's about an inch and a half in diameter.)

Shades of Steven Spielberg, those clouds are absolutely ominous.

Air Force plane flying over

Yes, protect the vulnerable.

The Chestnut Street Turkey Hill store is temporarily closed due to an employee testing positive for the COVID-19, according to

This is the responsible thing to do. Congratulations, Lisa, as well as the other 2020 Columbia High School grads!


There's a naked snake out there somewhere.

All you need is love.


Howard Stevens said...

It's Linden St. Not Lindon St. Turkey Hill

Unknown said...

Congratulations to ALL 2020 Columbia residents graduating from numerous area high schools and colleges. There are congratulatory signs around town for graduates in addition to Columbia High.