Sunday, May 24, 2020

About Town 5/24/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

As if in observance of Memorial Day, this bird bows his head atop the angel at Mount Bethel Cemetery.

 Then offers up a song

"The Returned Soldier" reminds us to observe Memorial Day.
(Columbia Spy posted the backstory of this statue HERE.)

Seemingly, this is the goal.

Not always a good mix

Air Force plane

Concentric arches

Bicycle built for two - or at least one and a half

 Columbia Borough and West Hempfield Police responded to a fight at the Chestnut Street Turkey Hill store earlier this week (here and below).

 Guardian at the Watch & Clock Museum

Bumblebee at work

 OK . . .

 Pouring cement at 403 Locust Street

Ongoing excavation work at the gas pumps at the Chestnut Street Turkey Hill store.

 Chairs for sittin' out

Chairs up for grabs


Congratulations Columbia High School Class of 2020!

And a 2020 college grad!

Guys doing things up high . . .

Broken things . . .


 Both lanes about to be blocked

 Putting the docks in (here and below)

 That's some paint job.

 Here's a closeup


 In the window


 Not a proper method of disposal

 Some day we will be OK.

 The black vultures were back briefly this week at North 5th and Avenue G.

 They want our money, but they don't necessarily want to see us.

 Vehicles with trailers only at this section of Columbia River Park


The latest at the Columbia Market House

The newly exposed bricks and mortar are probably more than 150 years old.


 At Shupp's Barber Shop

Down at Floyd's of Leadville (here and below)

 Ready for grillin'

 The River Trail welcomes you.

 Just remember to follow the rules.

 Limb down in Locust Street Park

Coming soon

In remembrance . . .

 Remember our veterans.


Sue said...

How can they have a garden tour when other places have canceled there activities

Ghwillard said...

It would be great to somehow leave a comment below individual pictures. Most are awesome.

BB said...

Garden tour is a simple walking tour. It can be accomplished with common sense, social distancing, precautions. Heck there are more people on the trail each day that will be on this tour. Actually a lot of events could be accomplished through common sense precautions. As we learn more about the virus it certainly seems manageable and we definitely can't wait for a vaccine.