Sunday, May 17, 2020

About Town 5/17/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

Floyd Landis and passenger out for a spin

Rollin' on down the road

 Topaz Martofel's Mother's Day balloon display at Park Elementary

 3 claimants to the same tree -
Call the lawyers!

 High and dry down by the river

 The Veterans Memorial Bridge was closed briefly this week due to a vehicle accident in Wrightsville.

 Speed racer on Locust

More signs of the times

 When your Stars and Stripes become Stars and STRIPS

Just tie one of the strips to the pole.

 In this case, someone might need to call.
(By the way, does anyone "dial" anymore?)

 Getting wired at Borough Hall

 Probably not a congregant

 Friendly passenger 

 Work continues at the Columbia Market House.

Here's a temporarily boarded-up doorway.

 Here are some boarded-up windows.
(As seen from the first block of Avenue H)

 Here's one that should be boarded up at the former Amvets building.

 Things aren't looking too good in there.

 Break time on the 500 block of Manor

 The objective is to get from point A to point B, no matter the means.

OK, here are some pretty flowers.

 Heron sighting over the National Watch & Clock Museum

 A good idea that was carried out well. All utility poles should look like this.

 Sidewalk seating on South 4th - 
Take a load off.

 Stop signs take years to develop character.

 Forgotten building?
(Avenue N)

 There's even a see-through roof.

Here's a closer look.


 The entrance to The Bear's Inn behind Union Street

 A closer look

 The former Shawnee Fire Company

 Instituted 1874

Rebuilt 1883

 Time for some TLC?

 Those are some big numbers.

 Renovations in Pleasant Avenue

A "good morning" from a cat that's more polite than some people.

 Quarantine affects each of us differently.

 Construction at Columbia Mini-Storage

 Four Wheel Drive
Get it?

 They'll do it every time.

 Bats have gotten a lot of bad press lately. Maybe this one couldn't bear the strain.

 Road and sidewalk work on South 2nd -
Unfortunately, the brick sidewalk has been removed.

 Columbia Strong

A reader submitted this 1918 school tax notice.  The numbers speak for themselves. 
Those were the days.

 Washing the Mercedes

 Congratulations 2020 Seniors!
Sign here on the 1300 block of Manor Street 

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