Sunday, April 19, 2020

About Town 4/19/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

Signs of the times . . .

Will the town ever attain its former glory?

 The trolley was a money-losing endeavor.
Time to get rid of it - and the signs that go with it.

Maybe this town is for the birds . . .

Or maybe it's gone to the dogs . . .

Fortunately, Hands Across the Street is still on the job, bringing aid to many.

And some businesses are open for grab and go service.


 Jolly Roger

 Community supporters

High winds knocked down trees, branches, and power lines earlier this week:

(Mount Bethel) 
No loitering or trespassing in the cemetery - unless, of course, you're dead.


Another project from the found-object artist

 The locksmith at Borough Hall again - 
Are they locking us out or locking themselves in?

 In for a landing

 Not really a valid parking space

 The top of one of the water company's "secret" water tanks

 Scooting along

 A whiter shade of pale


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