Sunday, April 12, 2020

About Town 4/12/2020

This week's photos of Columbia

 On patrol

Bike patrol, that is

Some prefer to walk their bikes.

This bike barely averted disaster. The driver made a wide turn and almost collided with the car.

Sometimes it's hard to "social distance" on a bike, especially here on the Veterans Memorial Bridge, where the sidewalk is only six feet wide.

Luckily, the sidewalk is 10 feet wide at the beginning of the trail, but it still presents a challenge for three or more people passing each other. (The trail widens a bit, further on.)

 Part of Chickies Rock County Park was closed earlier this week, reportedly due to the Covid crisis.

 This ranger apparently was making sure it stayed that way.

There's his truck.

Speaking of trucks . . . looks like this man is about to be eaten by one.

 Morning at the DAC

Evening at the DAC

This church on Kinderhook Road was holding drive-thru communion/prayer for the congregation.

 Here's their tent.

A marker along Lincoln Highway

Unfortunately, someone blinded Lincoln.

 Overstuffed at Borough Hall

 The ribs of the sky

 Some sort of op-art windmill on Purples Lane

Here are a few sections of town:

And here's a birds-eye view of a bird (a male cardinal, to be exact).

 And of course, the bluebird of happiness, whose presence is no doubt welcome right now.

 Here's a black vulture - hopefully not an omen.

 This one is airing out.

 A view of this week's pink supermoon

Down by the tracks on Union

Seems they did this before, not too long ago.

The message is clear.

Sign, leaning

Many deer here

 Spraying detail at River Park


 It's now recommended that you wear a mask whenever you go out.

 This water heater is free, even with the rust.

 This is not the proper way to dispose of a mask.

Flowers at the window.

 And here's who's making the windows dirty.

 Near the top of the high school hill . . . 

 A Cooper's hawk

 York County's "green and pleasant land"

Also over there, a recommendation to make an emergency plan, now that the zombies have been defeated.

In Wrightsville - a stay-at-home order?

In Columbia - a pray-at-home order?

Tree vines, not social distancing

The following two photos were submitted:

The Cross

A family self-isolating for Easter dinner?


Letting loose with his favorite song

 Fallen angel

 Here's Mary trampling a serpent in her bare feet.

Mere mortals should never try this.

 Easter's here.

Along with the flowers

Balloon Artist Topaz Martofel created this giant Easter basket made from balloons.
(5th & Locust)

Here are some more balloons at the town square:



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