Sunday, March 15, 2020

About Town 3/15/20

This week's photos of Columbia

People came out to enjoy the nice weather last Monday.

It was a good day for jotting notes.

It was also a good day for flying.

The highway department patched cracks on the blacktop.

Street sweeping resumed. Vehicles that weren't moved got warnings instead of tickets - this time.

There's the sweeper now.

Motorcycles got warnings, too.

 The rehabilitation project for the Veterans Memorial Bridge is slated to begin in 2023.

 The public meeting about the project, scheduled for this coming Wednesday, was canceled due to coronavirus fears.


Sign of life at the river shore

 Steeples on Chestnut

 Over at the National Watch & Clock Museum

 This will never pass building codes.

 The historical marker that was found lying over last week has been tied upright temporarily, presumably to get it off the grass at the bridge plaza.

 Here's a closer look.

 The first Civil War bridge pier is becoming a favorite hangout.

 There are chickens for sale at Burning Bridge Antiques.

 Don't lose your head over coronavirus fears, as this lady apparently did.

 The CHI construction project at 401-403 Locust is moving right along.

Here's a closer look at the front.

 It was busy at the construction site this week.

 Outside and in

 Looks like the window glass has arrived, too.


Notices on the door of Living Stones Masonry

 Here's a close-up.

The section of the posted document pertaining to this property reads:
Usdin Realty Management LLC is requesting special exception(s) and/or variance(s) for the business of purchasing, reconditioning and selling fire trucks at the property located at 53 North Front Street in the Riverfront Commercial (RC) zoned district.


 These guys were apparently checking our gas lines this week.

 Here they are on the 400 block of Chestnut.

 One is carrying some sort of detector.

 Here's their vehicle.


 New windows were installed on this building on Bridge Street.

 Veterans Memorial Bridge

 Pentecostal Church at 3rd & Cherry


The Market House project continues.

 Here's the beginning of the fancy - and expensive - awning on the Sadie Lane side.

 Looks like the Big Ass Fans will be staying. They were installed a few years ago.
(Yes, that really is the brand name.)

 Another look inside from the 3rd Street side.
(According to the Lancaster County Tax Assessment Office (3/5/2020), the Market House is assessed at $301,400. Borough Hall is assessed at $534,100, and the adjoining land is assessed at $78,000.)


 Here's the broken lamp at Columbia River Park after a pickup truck hit the post and left the scene.

 Here's one way to practice isolation and social distancing, although that probably wasn't the vehicle's original purpose.

 Skateboarding isn't really permitted at River Park, but youth finds a way.


 A drama unfolded on the first offshore Civil War bridge pier on Saturday morning.

 A Canada goose seemed to be threatened by what looked to be a trumpeter swan.

 The goose launched several attacks against the swan.

Here's a video of the action.

After the attacks, the swan sat on the edge of the pier and appeared to have blood on its underside.
Last week, Columbia Spy posted a few photos of appeared to be a dead trumpeter swan HERE, which was misidentified as a tundra swan. Was it the mate of this swan? What killed it is still a mystery.


Out at the borough farm . . .

And out on Blue Lane . . .


There was water rescue training at River Park on Sunday Morning:

 Participating departments included Columbia Borough, Wellsville, Western Berks, and Rawlinsville.

 Todd Stahl of White Cap Water Rescue Training LLC led the training.


Over at the Columbia Water Company office:

Here's a public notice posted at the main plant next to River Park.

Last but not least:  "Murder at the Miller Mansion" is coming soon.

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Radical rag said...

So 2 guys from ugi have there safety gear, boots ,helmets,vest to go door to door, but 2 guys with the highway dept using 320 degrees of hot oil, dont need safety glasses, or helmets, or vest?? Liability???? Its 2020 all highway workers should be wearing safety gear to lesson the insurance payouts!!!