Sunday, March 1, 2020

About Town 3/1/20

This week's photos of Columbia


There, that's better.
They just wanted to admire the scenery from one of the Civil War bridge piers.

 Is the Flash in town?

 No, just this suave-looking equine

Lookin' sharp, especially when you consider it used to look like this:


Bocce bear on Locust
Columbia's bocce team will advance, along with 14 other regional champions, to the Special Olympics Pennsylvania/PIAA State Championships scheduled for March 18-19 at Hershey's Giant Center.
Go Columbia!

Brian Myers (left) and Preston Eberly (right) of Eberly Myers LLC held a discussion at their property on the 100 block of Locust Street this week. Their plan for a 33-unit apartment building there fell through reportedly due to insufficient funds. Unfortunately, demolition of existing properties was completed before construction began, leaving a giant hole in the ground. The hole was recently filled.

On the agenda for this week's borough council meeting is an item for
"Discussion 2nd Amendment Sanctuary."
The United States of America is already a Second Amendment sanctuary.
Citizens need to trust in the Constitution.
(By the way, where's that well-regulated militia?)

 Old-timey dumbbell?

Speaking of old-timey...

 Might as well make this sign permanent
(Looks like an expletive was crossed out.)

 Nick Mills shrine at 3rd & Walnut


Meanwhile, down at River Park

The start of Phase 1 of Phase III?
The completed Columbia River Park expansion is estimated to cost $8-9 million, as Columbia Spy reported HERE. It will include a 700-person amphitheater, pavilion, an expanded pier, a playground and more.

Another item discussed was getting rid of invasive species (which are actually indigenous species). 

 Wired up and charging

 Cardinal with a snack at Shawnee Run at 4th Street

 Struttin' his stuff!

Shawnee Run at 4th Street

Walking the wagon

Are we?

 Reaching for Andy's

 Different directions

Making sure

 Call the exterminator. The boot's infested again.

 Full stop

 Also in Shawnee Run

Secret headquarters?

 You won't find it on the map. It's hidden away.


Signs of a garage

A couple o' big ol' rolls

 Ready to roll!

 Apartment living

Time to pressure wash the sidewalk?
(Columbia Plaza)

Thataway to the ATM that's no longer there

Don't put it away just yet.

Call before you dig. You dig?

A sudden urgent need to be upriver

Skater skating

Running down the elusive two-engine, one-car Norfolk Southern train:


 What was to be another service station is now - another used car lot?

 Trash in town
[Submitted photo]

The street sweeper might be back in action in mid-March.
[Submitted photo]

Here's a spot it won't be able to reach - the tree grates on Locust which have become cigarette butt receptacles.

It won't reach here either - trash under Route 30 at the high school hill. Not a good image for our school district.

 High school scoreboard

 Not quite a stairway to heaven, just steps to the cemetery
(which are related concepts, if you think about it)

 Something somewhere is going to happen on this date and time.

 Another hidden business

 Time to update this sign

 This one's fine.

 Back at 401-403 Locust 

 Spraying the surface Sunday morning

And voila - a new look!
(Temporarily anyway)

 Remember when filling your tank was a simple matter?
(This is at the Sheetz store in West Hempfield but is typical of present-day gas pumps.)

 Has technology made us better off, or worse?

We even get a commercial while we're pumping gas. At least it's not country music like that other gas station plays.

And finally, this is just around the corner

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