Friday, February 21, 2020

Millersville police chief hired in 'permanent' role to also manage borough

[This article is from August 14, 2019.]

Millersville Police Chief John Rochat has been a familiar face in the borough for more than two decades, and that won't change anytime soon.
Rochat, who picked up another hat as interim borough manager in November, will remain in both roles indefinitely after council voted to make the arrangement "permanent" at its regular meeting on July 23.
"I was honored that they asked me to stay on and do it," Rochat, 64, told LNP in an interview Tuesday.
The arrangement is rare in Lancaster County, but not unprecedented.
Rochat will continue to receive his salary as chief of police at $101,316 along with a $1,200 weekly stipend for his borough duties. A year's combined pay would total approximately $163,716.
The pay may seem eye-popping, but Millersville Borough Council President Daniel P. Ostrowski said a separate, full-time role would have cost the borough more with benefits included. The previous borough manager, Bradley Gotshall, had an annual salary of $88,000, according to LNP archives.
He added the cost savings "wasn't a driving factor" for keeping Rochat as manager but "was a side benefit."
Rochat will report to the borough council in his role as borough manager, while Millersville Borough Mayor Richard M. Moriarty will supervise Rochat in his role as police chief, the mayor said.
The borough considered 63 applicants and interviewed eight candidates following Gotshall's resignation.

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