Sunday, February 9, 2020

About Town 2/9/20

This week's photos of Columbia
The Market House, night lights, birds, and other curiosities

River lookout

 Open door policy at the Market House project
(Not really! The workmen don't want anyone hanging around. Makes 'em nervous.)

 The bricks are being taken up from the floor.
This is the view from the 3rd Street side.

Here's a view from the opposite end.

 The bricks were skidded up, shrink-wrapped and put out back. Some will be reused.

 Here's a few more at the back door.

 And more inside

As well as a few stragglers.

The broken ones get thrown into the dumpster.

Here are some more skids, ready to go.
At last count, the cost of the Market House project is a little over $2 million. Half of that money is coming from a state grant, and Columbia Borough is responsible for the rest.

 Here's Columbia's bakery - The Flour Child.

Message at Mount Bethel

 Watch that first step!
And all the other ones, too.

 Directions to the hidden parking lot in Avenue H.

Room for another light at Rotary Park?

 Ready for hook-up

 Iron Butterfly
(Not really iron, but some will get the reference.)

You can bury your old milk can, but it might rise again.

Part of the downtown streetscape - 300 block of Locust

More streetscape

CHI at night

 How many borough officials would walk down one of Columbia's downtown alleys alone at night?

 Overhead moose looming large

 Buy this building for the Columbia Creative Factory.

St. Paul Episcopal

 Historic Avenue J

Room to grow on the 100 block of Walnut

 So this is a thing . . .

 Christmas lights well after Christmas

 Not a bad idea . . . 


 Life finds a way.

 Municipal motorcycle parking - Who knew?

 These guys are hanging around again.

 So is Guy Fawkes.

Not just another pretty face

 Valentine's Day letters

The badass starling gang

 Young robin just in time for spring

 This adult cardinal, too

 Ghost sign on Bank Avenue

 Watcher at the window

Window fan

 There's a Hurricane coming soon.

Dunkin' Columbia - Unfortunately, it's not in Columbia.

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Unknown said...

Why is the construction crew taking up the old bricks at the Columbia Ware house..These bricks have many historic memories