Sunday, February 23, 2020

About Town 2/23/20

This week's photos of Columbia

Leftward wind

 Served, serving

 100 block of Avenue H

 Spring is springing.

 Big four-footed ball at Mount Bethel

 They seem to be complaining about the guy in the middle.


 One (or two) stop shop: checkup, prescription, lottery tickets

Everyone wants to hit it.

 Hung up

Hung up


 The engraver chose an unusual font.

 And just in case you don't think the place is haunted...


 The old stovepipe behind Colonial Metals, now CMX

 FedEx: Not just for deliveries anymore

 Metal detecting in Locust Street park

 Big Brother is watching. (So is Little Brother.)

 Wooden woodpecker

 An alleged drunk driver smashed into several cars at AAG Auto Sales this week.

 This stone wall at Lincoln Highway & Locust Grove Road was reportedly damaged the same night.

 85 years ago

 New flashing

 Tis the season for flying horses.


But this bird is grounded.

 It works this way, too.

 Giant Jesus

 $2 million project progressing 

 As seen from the 3rd Street side

 How to mark your property line

 Riding the rails

 Stop, whispered softly

 Lookin' good!

What happened to the pop-up blocker? 

 Some call this breakfast.

 Abandoned cart

 Bag of Ephram Blank

 Set of vintage wheels

 Bobbleheads bobbling

 Cryptic numbers on the bridge

 Something new's been added.

 Nest-building time


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