Sunday, February 16, 2020

About Town 2/16/20

This week's photos of Columbia

Boot Hill

Out near Plane & Barber . . .

Spiraling out of control

 Happy post-Valentine's Day!

It's OK to keep some knick-knacks around.

 Night at the museum

 Many bricks from the market house floor

The project continues.

Down but not totally out!

 Signs of spring?

 Missing pane

Glass beneath

Columbia Pregnancy Services is now Align Pregnancy Services.

Alleys on the south side don't get much love.

Empty windows


 Ladders on the church, but that's not how to get to Heaven


 Speaking of ladders . . . ?

Good thing that strip of paper is there to keep people away.

 So there!

Uh . . .


 Time to replace the attic window cardboard?

  Airgas tank fenced in, as it should be

 Bugs about to be amorous

 Like the sign says!

 There's some stones now.

 If you see a bright ball in the sky, just fly around it.

Off to Middle Creek!


Howard Stevens said...

Night at the Museum, Lights I did them, all LED, nice job, Howard.

BB said...

Why? Probably the owner protecting it from theft. Its a common practice in the trucking industry

Radical rag said...

Where you said south side and it shows an alley way. That pic is between florence and plane, isnt that the east side of town?