Sunday, February 2, 2020

About Town 02022020

This week's photos of Columbia
Walls, birds, the Market House, and other Columbia curiosities 

A holiday is coming soon.

How will recent changes in the 1972 Clean Water Act affect things?

 Stone walls
They don't build them like that anymore.

 It's part of this railroad bridge at the bottom of Plane Street. The date on the bridge reads "1915."

 A free house on South 2nd?

 This new business on the 400 block of Locust is up and running.

 Here are the business hours.

 Well, at least that garbled message is gone. Now there's nothing at all.

 Nice car, but consider the destination.

This is the state of our union right now.

 Here's to hope for the future.

This flag design is being used to draw attention to a business on the 300 block of Chestnut.

 Here are night lights at a new garage business at 4th & Chestnut.

 Frosty morning

 Rooster say thataway!

 Keep this around. Winter's not done yet.

At the Market House:

 The Market House project has begun.

Stage One: Clean out (?)

What are those frames/doors doing in the dumpster?

Hopefully they're not historic. Is anyone checking?

 It's quite an event.

 Here are the permits and approvals.

 The project will cost a little over $2 million. A grant will pay for half of that. We will ultimately pay the rest. 

There are plans for a restaurant and standholders to move in when the project is complete. 

 According to the Lancaster County Tax Office, the Columbia Borough School District may be permitted to collect taxes when any operations become income-generating. 


Friday afternoon at the former Masonic Center on Locust

 But the next day, signs were posted.

 And here's what they say.

 Attack squirrel waiting to pounce

 Ready to roll

 This was part of a tobacco warehouse back in the day. Now it's part of Wagon Werks Apartments.

 About that free trailer from last week's post

 At 2nd & Union - not a permit in sight, either for parking or renovations.  
This work has been going on for months.
Selective enforcement?

 Sneaking a peek

 Belgian wheat beer

The tree lights at Locust Street Park came down this week:


 Tax appointments on the 300 block of Locust

The tundra swans are back.

 Right on schedule

 They're a bit more elegant than the park pooping Canada Geese.

Over in Avenue N, someone needed to get that message out.

Here's a handy way to store/tote your trash.

 The colors, man, the colors!

New business on South 3rd

How many residents who claim to be pro-business will patronize it?

Opening day is this coming Wednesday.

Sunday morning visitors at the Buddhist church on 2nd

 Looks like 13 birds in the bush. That would be equal to six and a half in the hand.

 A black vulture was hanging around again at 123 North 5th Street on Sunday morning.

 His accomplice was trapped inside, trying to get out.

 A Columbia Borough police officer responded to the situation.

This notice is on the front door of the house.

 Message on the shingles at a different house

 Overhead chopper

 Drifting away

 Vehicles for sale at K.T. Graham at 137 South Front Street
(Here and below)


The old Shawnee Fire Company building was sold recently.

Iron Bell Holdings is the new owner.
The deed information is HERE.

There's work to be done.

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