Saturday, January 4, 2020

Over 100 people turn out to remember two residents whose lives were lost in today's house fire

Over 100 people attended this evening's candlelight vigil on South 2nd Street to remember Cami Jo Combs and her daughter Callie whose lives were lost in a house fire there this morning.


  1. Cami and calli will b forever in our hearts never forgotten and always loved.

  2. Two beautiful girls
    Takin to heaven from our world
    Wasnt ready to leave them go
    Answers we want but never know
    Mothers soft touch
    Dying cuz it hurts to much
    Angel wings gained to soon
    Cant see past the moon
    Love words cnt explain
    The loss n our pain
    Cami n callie forever a moment
    Forever a memory
    Lifetime of tears no more fears sadness to last to many years