Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Group allegedly steals $10,000 in jewelry at Burning Bridge Antiques

According to the Burning Bridge Antiques Market Facebook page:

ATTENTION ANTIQUES, JEWELRY AND  PAWN COMMUNITIES: On Tuesday, January 14, at approximately 3 pm, three men and a woman entered the building separately, all while speaking Spanish on their cell phones. One remained at the counter, an approximately 25 year old male with shoulder length dark hair. He stayed at the counter the whole time and pretended to be interested in items, all while remaining on his phone. The other 3 accomplices met at a jewelry case and proceeded to break in and steal approximately $10,000 in jewelry. Locks were broken off. They stole 14k and 10k gold. We are posting the best  pictures we have at the moment because we want to get this information out ASAP! We are working on gathering as much evidence as possible. If you have any further information, please message us and share this with the antique, pawn and jewelry communities! It is in all our best interests to be vigilant! Please protect yourselves by taking this matter seriously.

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