Sunday, January 5, 2020

About Town 1/5/20

This week's photos of Columbia (and elsewhere)

On South 3rd, right next to the Market House

 Nope, still not proper.


 A few of the Locust Street Park trees that were vandalized recently by some nitwit with a hatchet:


 Now open at 355 Chestnut

 And who wouldn't want this?

Converting to track wheels on South 4th

 Activity at RMS: Rail Mechanical Services, 4th & Manor

 New logo at the former Colonial Metals building, now the home of CmxSA.
Columbia Spy reported on the company HERE.

The 4th & Locust project - visible from Laurel Hill Road

 Meanwhile, in Mount Joy

 Christmas "stands" decorated by citizens

 Why can't Columbia do this?


  At the PA Farm Show: Hempzels!

Hemp has many uses, as can be seen here.

 Hempzels formerly operated out of a building on the 900 block of Manor Street.

Mariah and Abbott, two disabled cats, were being wheeled around the show to spread awareness about special needs animals.  On Facebook: 809th Armpurred Cattalion

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Eric J. White said...

Wrightsville is the proud new home of Hempzels.....bit by bit, the best of Columbia crosses the river. :-)