Sunday, January 26, 2020

About Town 1/26/20

This week's photos of Columbia

 Something new has been added to the view at the Veterans Memorial Bridge Plaza.

 The "something new" is a several thousand-gallon liquid nitrogen tank that was delivered on Friday, shown here being filled that afternoon.

 The tank was installed on a 10' x 10' concrete pad next to the building on Bridge Street, which is being leased by Floyd's of Leadville.

The liquid nitrogen is used for freezing hemp, one of the steps in making cannabis oil.

Columbia Spy reported on the facility HERE.

Under normal atmospheric pressure, nitrogen exists as a liquid between the temperatures of -210°C and -196°C which equals -346°F and -320.44°F.

Note the ice on pipes and hoses at the back of the truck.

 Here's a zoning permit that was seen posted at the property on Friday. It states that it's for "Patch Roof - Concrete Pad w/fence - Ballards - Upgrade Elec."

 Shown here are some of the tank controls and fixtures.

 This device is mounted next to the tank.

 The top of the tank is visible above the Veterans Memorial Bridge.


 Night lights

 Looks like Christmas is still hanging around.

 Winter is too.

 A Columbia bargain

 Something used to be here along Shawnee Run, near South 4th.

 Rock face

 Good policy, because the trains always win.

 River ice

 The river freezes, thaws . . . 

and freezes.

Here's what a little determination can do over time.

 A water line that extends from under a stone archway is leaking and has been for a few years.  They archway is near or is possibly part of one of the "Civil War bridge" piers.

Also seen this week:

 Sign down at the post office

 Peeling back the surface to show what's underneath

 Down at Hotel Locust

 Back in the day, kids used to deliver Sunday newspapers for Stover's News Agency from a cart similar to this. The Stover's cart might have been a bit bigger.

 Looks like traffic cones work like this, too.

River rocks over and under

 A new kind of river rock - or someone's old seat?

 Don't worry. They'll be back here soon enough.

 Just around the corner - and in the window.

 When your pumpkin melts, it might be time to get rid of it.

 Some folks build walls.

 Someone hasn't been paying attention here.

Not no way. Not no how.

 Tunnel under the tracks to let Shawnee Run ... run

MarinePlus getting the boat wet

Crane at the former firehouse on Front Street. Columbia Borough now owns the building, currently leased to K.T. Graham.

Movement at that shop on the 400 block of Locust

Reading, step-by-step

Busted fire hydrant being consoled by a traffic cone


 Here's what came rolling through town on Saturday.

 Some sort of humongous unit on a flatbed was being transported along Route 462.

 The truck was escorted by two smaller trucks, front and back.

 Columbia Borough Police also helped out with traffic control.

 There was a high pole mounted to the front of the lead truck to measure the height of power lines.

 The entourage proceeded eastward along Route 462.


Radical rag said...

Where is the broken fire hydrant at?

Joe Lintner said...

On North 3rd, between Maple and Linden, at the former Colonial Metals property.