Sunday, January 12, 2020

About Town 1/12/20

This week's photos of Columbia

Yes, it snowed this week.

As attested to by this snowman at Janson's Park.

But a few days earlier (or before) someone seemed to have predicted the snow with this window drawing at the Boys and Girls Club.

Something's a bit out of kilter on this fence post on the 200 block of Locust.

Meanwhile, here are two more parking meters out of work until April. There are several marked like this around town.

Higher and higher at 401-403 Locust.

Missing persons

Right on track(s)

Have you seen the light?

Yes, have a happy one.

Elves at their post.

A storm sewer grate after recent rain

But in amongst the debris - this.

Open lock box on Walnut

These folks may have overstayed their welcome.

Offerings to the Buddha

Nice bench at the Presbyterian Church

Radiometer in the window

Christmas pig, still on the job

Plans for digging on the 400 block of Locust?

If you travel far enough down Manor Street, you'll sometimes see a train.

Music lover on an outside piano on Chestnut

Well, at least that hole's no longer there.
It's been filled in.
Eberly Myers still owns this property at the bottom of Locust.

Our sidewalk is slowly beginning to come back.

There's an ADA ramp under there somewhere.

Will things ever be the same?

At least the pipes are still OK.

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