Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A few takeaways from Borough Council Reorganization Meeting

Four new Columbia Borough Councillors were sworn in by District Justice Miles Bixler at Monday night's reorganization meeting: Eric Kauffman, Sharon Lintner, Howard Stevens, and Heather Zink. They will join three incumbents: Todd Burgard, Fran FitzGerald, and Pam Williams. The new councillors have promised increased transparency and fiscal responsibility.

The terms of former councillors Marilyn Kress Hartman and John Novak expired December 31, 2019. Former Council President Kelly Murphy failed to garner enough votes in November's general election to remain on council, and former Vice President Cleon Berntheizel was knocked out in last spring's primary.

Council positions are now as follows:
President - Zink
Vice President - Sharon Lintner
President Pro Tem - Todd Burgard

Committee leads are now as follows:
Community Development - Kauffman
Finance - Stevens
Legislation - Zink
Parks & Rec - Williams
Personnel- Lintner
Public Works/Property - FitzGerald
Safety - Burgard

Jay Barninger was appointed as the borough's Emergency Management Coordinator, pending approval by Governor Tom Wolf. Three other candidates for the position were absent. Barninger replaces Jeff Helm as EMC.

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